Woody Says

Woody says look at em. He points to the Guess-the-Weight game.

I says they’s just people.

No, says Woody. They’s suckers. Why they stand in line for that nonsense?

Well, I says. It’s something to do.

You’re saying they got so much free time they got to fill it with trash.

Don’t know, I says. They look happy to me.

Woody gets mad and he won’t give me no more  cigarettes, so I walk off across the Midway.

Carsons moved Woody to the ring toss last week and he can’t work his old hustles no more. That’s why he’s mad.

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10 Replies to “Woody Says”

  1. No one’s written it yet, but this one sort of reminds me that every year, some teenage girl falls for a guy working at the Carny and runs off with him…temporarily.


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