Wish for Wishes

Her favorite stories were full of wishes granted.  A girl was lost in the forest and met a creature in distress. A dwarf or a fairy. The girl would do the creature a kindness because she had a good heart.

Because she expected nothing in return, the creature would reward her with wishes.  She would be a princess, or her mother would be healed.

She walked through the clearcut, ran her finger across the stumps. She wished for wishes, but this ragged field was no forest. There were no creatures of any kind.

Besides, she would always expect wishes in return.


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9 thoughts on “Wish for Wishes

  1. I like that story, with its cautionary note that those who make reciprocity the basis of their lives will seldom be delighted by the generosity of others. Fluently, clearly and picturesquely written, Randy.

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