We Live In The Cracks


In high school we read this book, Black Like Me. This guy puts makeup on his face and hands and walks around a southern city as a black man for a week or so. After a while he can’t take it. He said people looked through him like he wasn’t even there. He called it “the stare.”

Brother, I know all about it. Been homeless since I was discharged from Walter Reed. I’m not really interested in anything Uncle has to offer no more. Lots of guys feel this way after what we saw. Uninterested.

Can’t sleep for shit, either.


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11 Replies to “We Live In The Cracks”

  1. Great voice – your narrator is relatable from the first sentence, which implies a lot of history for such a short story.

    One thing I did pick up on was the change from present to past tense in your second sentence – jolted a bit for me, especially as your present tense voice is so effective. Maybe that’s just me, though!

    Look forward to reading more from you!


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