Two Days To Go

If she’d spent the extra money for a private deck on the stateroom, I could have done it any time. As it was, I had to get her onto the Lido deck when nobody was watching.

She always had this thing about being mistaken for my mother, and made a point to kiss or caress me in public so there’d be no mistake.  It got stares, let me tell you.

The timing was bad, since so many people had seen us together. I’m getting cabin fever, but it isn’t smart to be seen without her.

Somebody might start asking questions.


Friday Fictioneers

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9 Replies to “Two Days To Go”

  1. Murder on the high seas! I could not help but wonder if there was some basis to the wife’s concern about the mother. Perhaps he did away with Wifey-poo to get back to Mother dear.


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