The secret of this universe is the toroid.

In this shape are contained the answers to all the ills of mankind, for the toroid is a self-renewing source of energy.

Look at how the toroid replenishes itself in the atmosphere of this planet, or in an electromagnetic field.

An unending source of free energy would end all wars.

With no further need for oil, empires would collapse.

The wealthiest men in the world would lose their power.

You see now why this information has been suppressed, why it is dangerous to even speak of it.

One day, perhaps.

Not yet.


Friday Fictioneers

13 thoughts on “Toroid

  1. Toroids. What an interesting concept. Just because it’s what I do, I looked up the word and found this:

    a figure with a shape resembling a torus.
    a coil shaped like a torus or doughnut.

    So thank you for teaching me something new today 🙂

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