Time in a Bottle



You know how they are.


Try to take everything from you. They start with small things.


Thank you.

Then the expectations come.

Don’t smoke.

Don’t turn into one of those girls.

Every time you agree to do something, they take it from you.

Every time you do it their way.

It’s not yours anymore.

Sometimes you get so mad you want to tear it all out, make it go away forever.

But you can’t. One way or another, they keep you from doing it.

That’s what they did to me.

They think I’m better, but I’m just pretending.

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12 Replies to “Time in a Bottle”

  1. Reminds me of what my ex-husband did to me. Thankfully I’m no longer in a position to have to pretend. Well done piece.

  2. “Every time you do it their way.
    It’s not yours anymore.”
    Love that line, it speaks volumes about how we can lose ourselves when others try to change or fix us.

    Of course that’s what editing a WIP feels like too. 😉


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