This Is My Solution

I pretend they don’t exist.

Wait, that’s not it exactly.

I know they exist. They exist more than I do.

This is the problem.

I’ll be on the bus, staring at somebody and I start to think their thoughts, look into their faces and hear their inner voices.

I become them.

All of them.

Their voices crowd my head.

My own voice gets lost in the crowd.

I can’t tell if I am thinking, or they are.

It’s a jumble.

So I never look at them, wear sunglasses and headphones with the music turned up loud as it can go.


Friday Fictioneers


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6 Replies to “This Is My Solution”

  1. Good POV piece here. Gives a whole new meaning to that person sitting in the corner over there with sunglasses on a rainy day, headphones plugged into nothing. Ach, he just looked up at me…should I be worried??? Great Story!


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