The Ways of Ghosts

They do what they can to communicate with us. It ain’t easy, since there’s a gulf between this world and that one.

Hot and cold. That’s how you know. A spot in the room that always makes your gooseflesh prickle up.

Sometimes there’ll be a smell. Cigarettes when nobody ‘s smoking, or a trace of perfume.

Worst is when they get hornets to build a nest. Then they stir them up, see. Get them riled so’s they come after you. You might be able to ignore the sound of chains in the attic, but nobody can ignore a hornet’s sting.


Friday Fictioneers

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11 Replies to “The Ways of Ghosts”

  1. Smack! Ouch! Damn, hornets, again! Hey, you got any ghost repellent handy… preferably something with some hornet poison included! Great story! couldn’t resist a little humor!


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