The Veteran

Ripped from the old dream where I’m back in Helmand and bleeding out while Doc White tries to clamp the artery. I bolt out of my bag and look around for what woke me. Diesels, more than one. I stow my gear and make my way up the hill, using the trees for cover. Six dozers idle in the grass valley below. I knew this was coming and have been pulling up the orange stakes wherever I find them. Can’t stop “progress,” but this means I’ll need to find somewhere else to stay close to the VA but away from people.

11 thoughts on “The Veteran

  1. You story resonates with me. I have just written a short story where a man who is very much a loner is key to the plot. I sense a lot of back story and your well-written piece.

  2. This speaks so deeply of what Vets face when they come home, no matter what the war. The desperate need for peace away from people.

  3. I recently watched a TV movie about vets who live in the forests of Colorado. This story rang so true for me. I’ve seen a few vets in my office who struggle with PTSD. For many of them, their only safety is away from everyone else.

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