The Cats

“I can’t smell it.”

“Are you serious? Mom, I can smell it from outside.”

“Doesn’t bother me.”

“Is this where your money is going? These cats? Do you even know how many?”

“Sixteen, I think.”

“There are more than that in the kitchen.”

“I know them as individuals. I don’t keep track like that.”

“It’s unsanitary, Mom. It stinks.”

“That’s just the litter boxes. They all use them. At least most of them do. Like I say, I can’t smell it.”

“What do you neighbors say?”

“They’re all renters now since the Shepardson boy sold their house.”

“They’re still neighbors.”


Friday Fictioneers


16 thoughts on “The Cats

  1. Great story, and cats are great, … but people need to understand that it is cruel to confine too many in one place, call the cat protection league say I.

  2. I will never, ever understand a person keeping so many cats. They DO stink, even with litter boxes. Ick.

    You may assume I’m not a cat person. I really don’t mind one cat, maybe two. But not a whole houseful!

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