You never know what’s coming. You might not be able to go to the store, or if you went there it might be all empty. Imagine that.

Imagine the panic, especially if everybody knew them shelves was going to stay empty.

I always keep extras, just like I make sure wherever I go I’m wearing clothes that I’d be comfortable wearing for the rest of my life. I always have a knife, some string, my flint and steel. It wouldn’t be my preference to be stripped down to just them essentials,  but if it comes to it I’ll be ready.


8 thoughts on “Ready

  1. It’s not my preference either, however sadly in so many differing scenerios many people will have wished they had been better prepared for disaster.

  2. He’s ready for disaster, but I’m not sure he’s really ready for life – paranoia has robbed him of spontaneity and joy, I suspect. You’ve portrayed him superbly.

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