Ray Is Fine

I guess you could say I’m between opportunities right now. Me and the foreman had a bit of a disagreement about my job performance. It got a little ugly. I didn’t go to jail or nothing, but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

Anyways, I’m kicking back at home for a spell. I’m not worried. I can do it all. MIG, TIG, SMAW,  brazing, even wrought iron if it comes to it. One or two calls and ol’ Ray’s back in the game.  I’m not in any hurry. Rent’s cheap enough, and I got another check coming.

Yep. Ray’s fine.


Friday Fictioneers

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7 Replies to “Ray Is Fine”

  1. Oh, dear! Sounds like Ray’s in a serious downward spiral. Good story that describes the present so clearly that we can see the past and the likely future. Hemingway would have approved! And I love the voice, too!


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