Pearls Before Swine


I’ll tell you what was in his godddamn vault. A book.

No money? No jewelry?

Like I told you. Just a book.

Well, what kind of book?

I can’t make it out.

You don’t know how to read?

There ain’t no words in it.

What then? Pictures?

No, they ain’t pictures exactly. It’s more like… I don’t know. Symbols or something.

Symbols? How do you mean?

Maybe you better come over and look at it.

You bet your ass I’m coming over. If that old bastard had it locked up in his vault it’s got to be worth a fortune.


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14 Replies to “Pearls Before Swine”

  1. I believe the saying is, “Knowledge is price” even that which you can’t immediately understand isn’t worthless. Well done :), I enjoyed the dialogue.


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