I tell you, never be a time like Katrina. That was the best. All them folks cowering in the Superdome meant one thing to us: New Orleans was unoccupied. It didn’t take much to get us a boat and a chainsaw. Bang, we was in business. East Jefferson, Algiers. All the streets took at least six foot of water or more. We’d drift up to a likely house, step onto the roof and cut our way in.  Mostly we took jewelry, it being portable, but Junior worked in a pawn shop and knew a valuable trumpet when he saw it.


12 thoughts on “Opportunity

  1. To many who turn to criminality had something better to offer. If only the criminal mind could be put to working on something beneficial to society – Great story.

  2. Having had the experience of coming home one dark night and finding our house broken into and all our electronic equipment stolen, I can hardly ‘Like’ this one. But you’ve definitely gotten into character.
    Some people would call this opportunity, while some would call it payback. “The rich/ the world/ society/ life owe(s) me this because I’m poor/ I grew up underprivileged/ whatever.”

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