I Am Hanging Up Now

“Look, Daddy.  I don’t want to fight. I was just hoping you’d come. Most of the parents are coming.”

“Probably want to see where their tuition money went.”

“You were the one who said I could go.”

“I said you could, not that you should. Art school? What job exactly does this prepare you for?”

“There are lots of successful artists, Dad.”

“Way more unsuccessful ones. You know what your degree qualifies you to do? To come back and live at home. Forever.”

“You’ve made your feelings clear, Father. Fine. Don’t come. I doubt you would understand my piece anyway.”


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11 thoughts on “I Am Hanging Up Now

  1. My daughter has a degree in Studio Arts from a college in the Puget Sound area. I recall we all went to the school’s art show to see the seniors’ final projects including her’s. Based on a single wine tasting class she took, she eventually expanded her interest and studies after graduation and today she is a sommelier: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sommelier

  2. That argument sounds all to familiar, remembering how my dreams of becoming an architect designer/artist/engineer were dashed and destroyed. I went into medical because people always get sick…. great place for someone with almost no immune system to speak of, by the way. Now, the artistic opportunities are few and far between for someone in mid-age. Sigh…

  3. She needs to pursue her art to the fullest–that doesn’t mean she will ignore a more practical pursuit such as digital art, web design or graphics. Daddy should leave the practical advice to her career counselors, and just stick to supporting his daughter!!!!!

    P.S. I changed my major from music to business in my junior year, but didn’t give up singing 🙂

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