Him And All His Hurts

I stamp hard three times on that grave-dirt like Crone said to do, but I still fret I ain’t finished with him yet.

Him and all his hurts, far back as I can remember.

Sound of his leather belt whistling though the pants-loops soon as he got home, strut through the shack with it doubled in his hand and never saying a word about what I done to deserve a whipping.

Or what I ain’t done, since it never mattered.

Even seeing his drawed-out corpse laying on the slab don’t call up pity.

He deserved every sort of suffering, and more.


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15 thoughts on “Him And All His Hurts

  1. You’ve used a great voice for your MC – almost like a character by Mark Twain. Your story showing the struggle of a physically abused child to come to terms with their pain is well written and strong. Good writing!

  2. Beating, once was the norm, ‘spare the rod you spoil the child.’ Evil is recognised for what it is now and stories that depict the wicked and denounce them for what they did; still emerge today. Your piece captured that cruelty. Well written.

  3. Brings up not nice memories of my dad. The belt was his go to punishment. As was his father’s with him. Never hit my kids. It was time to break the pattern.

  4. Belt, whistling through the pant loops–you really nailed it, there! Great voice in this, and you can see why he can’t quite trust this villain to stay in his grave!