Glasgow Sunrise

Pain. At first, just that. Pain. Blood in my mouth. Eyes gummy with it.

As it starts to get light,  my surroundings begin to clear. The train yard. I must have fell from that bridge above.

No, not fell. Dropped. I remember now. A little.

I can see my hand now, curled on the steel rail. It looks all right, but I can’t move it.

What else? My legs seem to be bending the wrong way. The right one looks like it has two knees.

My ear is pressed against the cold steel rail. I feel it start to thrum.


Friday Fictioneers

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14 Replies to “Glasgow Sunrise”

  1. Horror show. The ending of an episode of “The Twilight Zone,” or more aptly, “Alfred Hitchcock Presents,” both TV shows I watched in the 1960s.


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