My shortest foster stint was five days. That was when the county was laying off social workers and didn’t have time to check up on what was going on in the foster houses.

Let’s just say it was bad and leave it there.

The fifth house was the real heartbreaker, the Garcias.

They were sweet people.

Ten kids, so what was one more?

Mrs. Garcia had this party for her daughter Luz, a Quinceañera. Invited lots of kids from the neighborhood. First time in my life I felt I belonged somewhere.

One day ICE came knocking. They got deported.



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15 Replies to “Figures”

  1. I am presently working with an older teen who came up in the foster system. There are those who truly care for the kids they take in. Then there are the others.

  2. Wouldn’t the foster parents have to registered with the government to foster? If so, the family could have taken him in as a run away. Either way, still a power story, felt the kick in the guts. Well done.

  3. Heartbreaking and all too true, for those who know how the system works (or rather, does not work, a lot of the time) and how rare the good foster care experiences are, even for the same child. The lack of control and the helplessness to have a say in one’s own life is often the hardest for the children, especially those who ‘age’ in the system.
    And these days, yes, there are alas too many good foster homes that get broken. I know children who’d been removed from a loving and stable foster home — the first they’d had for years after bouncing about in the system — just because the foster parent came out as being gay.


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