Coupla Guys Is All


“You get him fixed up?”

“I put so much tape on him he looks like a whatsis. A caterpillar.”

“Where’d you put him? Not in the building, right?”

“You think I’m fucking stupid? No. He’s lying in a car in parking lot. It’s parked far enough away that he should be fine.”

“Should be? Or will be?”

“He might get a little hot. That’s okay. Boss will like that part.”

“You got that gas can? Good. Pour it around the base of the stove, there. I’ll get the rags.”

“Sure is a waste. All this great booze.”

“Yeah, well. Rules.”


6 thoughts on “Coupla Guys Is All

  1. It’s encouraging that there are still such conscientious, trustworthy employees out there. Hats off to these ‘coupla guys’. Terrific dialogue and clever humour in this story.

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