Born-Again Romantic

My husband the Beatnik did not want to get married at all.

Why do we need a legal contract that compels us to be happy? was his common argument.

Whenever he said it I’d give him an enormous pantomime yawn.

When we’d been together fifteen years, he suggested a trip to the Hudson Valley for a weekend getaway.

In the very center of Grand Central  Station he went suddenly down on one knee and tugged a blue Tiffany box from his pocket.

We stood frozen in time, all of New York hurrying by, their footsteps echoing off the cold marble.

Friday Fictioneers

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12 Replies to “Born-Again Romantic”

  1. Awww … I remember seeing quite a few of such proposals when I used to commute from Grand Central Terminal several days a week. It is a popular place to pop the question … and while I’m sure it brims with unique moments to each couple, New Yorkers do indeed just stream on by …
    Nothing to see, just another couple commuting through life to a shared train …


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