The Alley of Thieves


I must fly across the rooftops, making no more noise than a beetle crawling on the desert sand.

Hadiq was lucky to have been admitted to the  Guild at all. He knew this. Clumsy, obvious, far too nervous. He came seven generations of brigands, burglars and assassins, but the talent that made his name feared and respected throughout Turkey seemed to have skipped him altogether. Failing for a third time to pick a pocket, the Master had given an assignment usually reserved for children and dolts: to bring an unsuspecting tourist to the Alley of Thieves and then quickly vanish.


4 thoughts on “The Alley of Thieves

  1. What a shame that he couldn’t find what he was really good at and had to opt to adopting someone else’s trait!
    We, as a society, surely fail in this and force conformity!

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