You Are The Night

Become one with the night. Allow the darkness to inhabit you.

Hand over hand to the roof, the knife in your belt. Silent as a cat, as an insect.

Noiseless, shapeless. You will not assume your true form until the decisive moment.

The third of six windows down. Spread your weight as you crawl. Haste is your enemy.

When this time comes, you will be as an arrow in the air. Hard. Sharp. Sure.

Hold your breath as you wait. The night sounds surround and cloak you. Even the blue moonlight cannot reveal your true shape.

Calm certainty guides you.


Friday Fictioneers

9 thoughts on “You Are The Night

  1. Oh, had me hanging one to the stone wall in anticipation. The ‘true’ form…hmmm, so many evil thoughts of what it could be fill my mind… or is it the simple shadow of night creeping up and over the building until it finally shades over the window…. good one!

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