When I Lived In The Bitch’s House



I hated it there. She kept everything all perfect, and noticed if you ever touched anything. And I mean anything. Once just to mess with her I turned a couple of  decorative cups around so the handles pointed at an odd angle. I swear, she wasn’t in the room three minutes before she spotted it and fixed the goddamn cups. She shot me this real bitchy look when she did it, too. The look said I know what you’re up to, Buster. That’s what she called me when she got mad. Buster.

You asked why I ran away, didn’t you?

14 thoughts on “When I Lived In The Bitch’s House

  1. Yes, Buster, don’t mess with decor! I know people like that. I can be people like that unless I try really hard to relax and let the pillows be out of place. It’s a disease. Forgive us! 😉

  2. Neatness freaks make other’s lives miserable and that’s why Buster ran away. Good writing highlighting this point

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