The owner is a moron. Hello, it’s SUNDAY. One barista isn’t going to cut it, especially when Josh half-assed his close last night because he was in an all-fired hurry to meet up with his loser friends to get high and see the same lame laser show the planetarium’s been showing since my dad was in high school. Fucking Pink Floyd.

And of course I’m totally slammed. Haven’t even unwrapped the first bakery tray when the line forms outside. Plus, it’s raining, so I have to unlock the door. The first guy did carry in the stack of Sunday Times.


5 thoughts on “Understaffed

  1. Methinks understaffed is an understatement. And the customers are going to be underjoyed by an undersupply of pastries. Still, the Sunday Times may help minimise violent overreactions.
    You’ve probably delivered an accurate description of what’s happening in our coffee shops at this time.

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