They Don’t Know It Like We Do


In my experience you won’t ever find nothin’ more useful than a bog. It hides many a sin, as they say. Oh yes.

Wait here long enough, they start coming back up. Might be only an arm that looks like a tree branch, of maybe an old femur with a bit of chain still on it. See, all of them in the city know about this place, know its usefulness.

And usually when they start to come up, it’s the work of city folks. They ain’t careful like we are out here.

They don’t know this place like we do.

9 thoughts on “They Don’t Know It Like We Do

  1. Gave me goosebumps and had me reading between the lines wondering just what those city folks did and all the secrets the bog is hiding. Such a great story and so much potential for more if you ever decide to revisit this idea!

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