The War Is Never Over

War, the demon, rolls across the land, killing and maiming all it touches, sowing misery and pain. The old men who wage it sit in their castles and congratulate one another.

Yet in this place, the war has never truly ended. Only last week a child ran along the beach laughing with delight as the surf kissed her ankles, only to disappear in a plume of shattered sand when she trod on one of their land-mines. Indeed, the village has at least a dozen children who lost their limbs or their eyesight rather than their lives, the so-called “lucky ones.”


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15 thoughts on “The War Is Never Over

  1. Very well said. Those who plan wars sit comfortably in their castles. Only the pawns fight and kill each other. But sometime a physical damage or death is much less damaging compared to mental humiliation the leaders suffer. Ofcourse, they have to have a mind to feel in the first place.

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