The Official Story

Max had a powerful fear of night travel, a real handicap considering his chosen profession of jazz musician.

You see, in them days the gigs was scheduled catch-as-catch-can, usually back-to-back and sometimes five-hundred miles apart.

There weren’t no interstates then, so the boys would finish playing, get their money and pile into the car to head for the next stop.

They’d spell one another every few hours, but each man was as tired as the next.

It was cramped in there, what with all their instrument cases and so many bodies.

So you see, Max was right in being afraid.


Friday Fictioneers

13 thoughts on “The Official Story

  1. I like your choice of certain words and phrases – “in them days,” “gigs was scheduled,” “there weren’t no interstates”. I was transported to another time. Thank you.

  2. Had to look up “spell one another” Though I got the gist from your use of it, i had never heard spell as a verb before. I immediately thought of the Green Book, though I haven’t seen it yet. There is nothing like the terror of getting into a car with people, who like you are too tired to drive. I understand his fear, and hope no harm will come to them.

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