See You At The Top Of The Sky

The roach-crawling apartment, broken down car, the Waffle House, forty-plus hours a week of aching feet and grease-saturated clothes.

All gone now, left way away down there.

It’d been in her mind ever since signing up for the course. She’d ingratiated herself with Jerry, a middle-aged divorcee who thought he knew everything about ballooning and was eager to share.

The look on his face when she cast off the ballasts and left him standing there. Poor sucker couldn’t believe it. Probably planning what he’d do when she landed.

But she wasn’t going to land.

She turned the burners to full.

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7 thoughts on “See You At The Top Of The Sky

  1. Hayao Miyazaki, Japanese Animator, filmmaker, screenwriter, author, and manga artist has a fascination with sky worlds. My guess is that “Nausicaa” is shadowing the Valley of the Wind about now.

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