Reminds me of Iwo


We never thought of the Japs as men. They was insects to us, deadly insects that would creep up in the night and slit the throat of one man and leave his two buddies to discover him in the morning. And we was right on top of them, since that whole stinking island wasn’t nothing but a bunch of tunnels. Only way to make sure was to burn ’em out. That was my job, seeing as I was a flamethrower operator. I’d stand next to a hole and spray that napalm down into it like they was a wasp’s nest.

9 thoughts on “Reminds me of Iwo

  1. War was horrendous.

    We had our own people like that. The English had to tie their laces a certain way. During the nights, the Gurkha would go through a camp and feel the laces of the boots. If they were done wrong, they would slit the throats of the person for being a spy.

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