“He was sent home again. Not a stitch on this time.”

“Can’t they stop him?”

“They would, but nobody sees him undress. It’s like one minute he has clothes on, and the next minute he’s starko.”

“Does he still say he’s invisible?”

“He doesn’t say it anymore, but I’m pretty sure he believes it.”

“Even though everybody can see him?”

“Look, I have no idea why he’s like this. All I know is that it’s a problem. It’s getting worse, and everybody there is at their wit’s end. They can’t exactly fire him, you know.”

“I may have an idea.”


Friday Fictioneers


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6 Replies to “Quandary”

  1. Good one. I had a resident at the nursing home I worked at many decades ago that did that. He was so quick about it. We were so used to it… but on weekends when families came, we had to keep out an extra eye just in case someone let him out of the unit. Sad, but true.


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