Oh I Geddarountuit

I swear, Randy, you are the laziest man I ever seen. You sit there on the hot porch and you won’t even bother to fan yourself.

Why I should fan myself, Mama, when I got this here cold beer you brung me? And thanks, by the way. If you happen past the kitchen, maybe get me another?

If I wasn’t sure you were my son I’d wonder where you got such a powerful ease.

Mama, one of us working so hard should please the Lord enough to smile.

Why don’t you at least fix up that fan like you promise?

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13 thoughts on “Oh I Geddarountuit

  1. Wonderful snapshot of a not-unusual relationship. The son is a user, the mother an enabler. My response would have been, “Get up, get cleaned up, go find a job. And get your own beer somewhere else. I’m not paying for it anymore.”

    I see this situation way too often in my counseling office. Believe me, if you’re in it, it’s not a bit funny.

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