Oh Mama I know you don’t like it

when I bring up my funeral.

You always want to change the subject,

what with your practical mind

but I say a man gets buried once, and once is enough

so I will lay it out:

I want a second line, sure

but in both directions, with no sad marching coffin-carry

joy all the way, for you know I am free

and everyone at the after-party should bring a dish

some favorite taste to linger in their mouth

remind them of me their whole life through


Friday Fictioneers

11 thoughts on “Obsequies

  1. Hoping Mama is his wife, not his mom. Had to look up second line, and now I can picture the parade with everyone dancing behindthe band. Obsequies is a great word too. Love the bit about the taste lingering in their mouths, to remind the guests of him!

  2. This voice is very authentic. I like his outlook and how he wants his loved ones to celebrate his life and remember the good times instead of dwelling on the end. A great write.

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