No Fool Like an Old Fool– Friday Fictioneers


Stacks said the best thing about a gated community is how stupid it made people act. Normal shit like locking their doors at night was forgotten.

“These geezers, they want to live back in the simple times,” he said as he slid the crowbar into his pack. “But they still want all the modern conveniences.”

Juggy nodded. “And them women have lots of diamonds!”

Juggy was a fucking idiot, but he could lift the back end of a truck off the ground. It’d come in handy more than once.

We slipped over the outer wall, no problem.  Easy pickings tonight.


Sorry, when I see old people in a bandstand the first thing I think about is the fact that they’re not home. Lock your doors, people.

22 thoughts on “No Fool Like an Old Fool– Friday Fictioneers

  1. Doors locked! And is that Perry Smith in the thumbnail photo? If so, it works well with your story this week. It put me in that creepy thief mind-set. (Oh Lord, I hope it isn’t you in that picture now!!)

    Great story, love the dialogue!

  2. Thanks for this. I’m home alone, it’s dark outside and it’s after midnight. Did I p[ut the chain on the door? I’ll have to hobble downstairs and check now. 🙂

  3. A fine, hard take on the prompt, and true, too. I want to live in simpler times, too, like when men like that could be shot out of hand and no one would give me a second glance. Nice story.



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