New Listing

The realtor fumbled with the enormous key ring. “Sorry about this. We haven’t had time to get a lockbox put on. It just came on the market.”

“So you said.” Squinting in the icy wind, her irritation was evident.

“Here we are.” The stiff lock clanked. The realtor held the door open. Dim blue light from the frosted windows made the enormous space look like a black and white photograph, the atmosphere still carrying a faint odor of stale sweat.

“The old man who owned it died five years ago,” the realtor said. “The daughter finally decided to sell it.”


Friday Fictioneers

17 thoughts on “New Listing

  1. Not that I have ever boxed (or will ever) but there’s something almost romantic about those old boxing gyms. I do strength training at my little neighborhood gym (as opposed to bodybuilding…long story) and I’d love to lift at an old school gym like that.

  2. It’s sad how many of these little places have gone to the wall. Where I live it’s not the rents, but the business rates that drive them under. Sad tale, Randy, but hey, life’s not all happy endings!

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