Lost in Translation

She strode in and tossed her gloves onto the kitchen table. “That gardener is just impossible. I am surprised anyone uses him.”

I glanced at her over my paper. “What is it this time?”

“The roses. I specifically told him I wanted the hips saved when he cropped them for the season. I could not have been more clear. That moronic Mexican threw them out. Threw them out!”

“Did you tell him in English?”

“Of course not. He can barely speak Spanish. I think he drinks.”

“He’s a Mormon.”


“Let’s get out the dictionary and see what you told him.”


13 thoughts on “Lost in Translation

  1. Hilarious! You’ve left me with an image of the gardener scratching his head as he tries to work out exactly what this domineering woman wants him to do – and then shrugging! Lovely writing!

  2. I love the tone of this. It sounds like she’s got her comeuppance. We all know someone like that, and one in particular in a position of power….
    Best wishes,

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