Life On The Outside

You get used to being watched all the time

After lockdown I’d sit on my rack and look out onto the block.

From my cell I could see, no shit, three different cameras.

They didn’t even bother to hide them.

They were right there in the open, but too high to reach.

I’m guessing the screws had one of those setups with a screen that cycles through all of them, or maybe a bunch of screens.

However they did it, I had certain knowledge I was under constant surveillance.

I go outside now and it’s weird.

Nobody watching.

I could do anything.


10 thoughts on “Life On The Outside

  1. There will be cameras somewhere along his journey even if not at the actual place he’s at and with them they’ll trace him, know he’s there. Modern technology makes writing crime really difficult, the cameras always have to be inoperative or the crime happens in a blackspot.

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