Jimmy Gets High

Jimmy always acted like he knew everything, especially about what could get you high.

He was usually right, but the highs weren’t always the nice kind.

The time we soaked rags with copy fluid and spent the afternoon huffing made us both sick as whores for three days.

When he saw the toadstools he got real excited.

He asked me if I wanted to see God.

I said sure.

He pointed down at the ground, picked one up and broke off the cap. A little cloud of spores went up.

“See it turn blue? That’s the devil blushing.”

He smiled.

16 thoughts on “Jimmy Gets High

  1. Dear Mr. Randy,

    I loved your second to the last line. Good story. I remember Brian McCarthy convincing us to bake banana peels. Didn’t get us high, though.



  2. I thought you had to text while driving if you wanted to see God? I suppose this way is less dangerous for everyone else. I know a guy who has taken numerous “natural” hallucinogenics attempting to reach a higher consciousness. He has some wild stories to tell. I’m surprised he’s still alive.

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