In the Alley After


Damn. Gutshot.

I didn’t think he’d have the balls. I was sure he was just flashing the piece, making himself feel like a big man. Shows you what I know.

Bleeding bad. I can still move my legs, but it makes all the muscles hurt.

The flash, and then like a punch in the stomach. Everything inside me all turned to blood. Motherfucker. I didn’t think he’d have the balls.

I gotta get me a gun. I’ll cap his bullshit ass.

I gotta get me to a hospital, I guess.

I’m cold. Maybe I’ll rest here for a little bit.

8 thoughts on “In the Alley After

  1. Fantastic. The voice and pace are gripping – his surprise and anger, the way he realises what’s happened, but doesn’t quite get the full impact, even at the end. Wonderful.

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