“I’ve got to put her down.”

“You know what will happen? You see that RCMP boat down there?”

“I see it. But we’re going down one way or another. The tanks are bone-dry.”

“Because you’re the fucking idiot who forgot to top up in Moro.”

“I’m just telling you what we need to do. If you want, I can circle out so you can get rid of the cargo.”

“You know that we still have to give them their money, right? You may as well just crash this thing. We’ll be dead either way.”

“Not if we’re in prison, bud.”

Friday Fictioneers

11 thoughts on “Impasse

  1. Forgetfulness, Internal combustion and gravity have combined to put these two in a pretty pickle. You know things are have gone sour when the best option is prison.

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