Thermite burns at a temperature of four thousand degrees Fahrenheit. You can make it easily, with chemicals you buy at Home Depot.

You can make serviceable napalm by adding Ivory Snow to gasoline until it turns to jelly.

It doesn’t take money to create terror. All it takes is imagination and patience.

I enjoy miniaturized explosives. I make my own C-4 and pack it into soda cans with a bunch of screws and springs for shrapnel, timed fuses powered by 9-volt batteries.

I’ll walk downtown and drop them in trash cans,  long gone by the time the first one explodes.


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10 Replies to “Imagination”

  1. Terrifying that bombs n such are so basic to make – but, really, when examined closer – doesn’t this display the masses as “good” since only certain individuals wish to construct such chemicals. As in anyone can make a bomb, but only a few would actually try. Good concept and fantastic character profiling.


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