Horselaugh on You


Your old man sure has a lot of weird shit.

Don’t you call it that.

Why? That’s what it is.

You stop. My dad’s a collector. Some of these things was made by artists.

Shit artists!

You stop saying that word, Dennis. You think it makes you sound older but it really just makes you sound like trash.

Shit shit shitty shit shit!

I swear to heaven I’ll leave if you keep that up. I don’t need to hear your trash mouth.

Shit cunt fuck! Your dad’s bad luck!


Oh, you’re crying? What happened to sticks and stones?


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4 Replies to “Horselaugh on You”

  1. Sounds like Dennis learned some new words and is taking them all out for a test drive. I knew people like him when I was in Jr. High. They’re all dead or in prison now.


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