Us Road Joes


Me and Shorty Jim pulled into Mt. Pleasant on the Burlington about three in the morning.  It was flat January, needle snow blowing cold enough to freeze your words right to your tongue so you had reach up and break ’em off to say anything. Usually we don’t go near a station, but it was that or die in the blizzard. In big cities like Chi, us road Joes ain’t welcome indoors, but little towns tend to be a might more friendly, especially when it’s life and death like it was that night. Stationmaster had that potbellied stove glowing red.



8 thoughts on “Us Road Joes

  1. “Cold enough to freeze your words right to your tongue so you had reach up and break ’em off to say anything”. Have you heard this expression before or did you make it up? Either way I love it!

  2. Again, love your voice – so real and takes us right into your character. Love the idea it’s so cold, the words freeze – perfect. Great spin on the prompt

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