God’s Helper



It was God punished him.

Just like I prayed for.

The top of that ol’ silo got took by the storm, the barn burned and the woman got sick, just like I prayed.

Oh, he had it coming all right, all of it—the fever cows and the horses shitting their guts onto the field in long strings.

I may have helped with some of them retributions, like mixing the poisons into the feed and maybe helping that barn get burning.

The old lady was sickly besides.

But I had nothing to do with the silo.

That part was God.


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23 Replies to “God’s Helper”

  1. In this age of the internet so nice to know there are still some really helpful neighbourly folk out there… just far, far away from me I hope. Sinister stuff.

  2. I don’t think God needs much help with him around. All I do to those who piss me off is make them bad guys in future stories. It’s less trouble and keeps me out of prison.


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