For Want of a Nail

I’m invisible, but I see you all right. See your white pasty faces glancing through the windows of the fancy restaurant or the luxury car,  glancing away, your eyes sliding past me like a dead squirrel or raccoon on the roadside.

Maybe sometimes you wonder what it would be like to lose everything. What would you miss most? Scented soap? Your pillow?

How about sleeping in safety, or shoes that don’t leak?

An escape from the gnawing hunger that waits at the end of every hour?

You look away, not wanting the reminder of just how good you have it.

Friday Fictioneers

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16 Replies to “For Want of a Nail”

  1. In this story you speak powerfully about the evil of homelessness. The homeless are not merely invisible, they are also unheard. You are doing a good thing speaking out on their behalf.

  2. Very down- to-earth story. I can picture this and the story is spot on. All of us have probably looked at the less fortunate and thought how lucky we are. Very nice story!


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