The Goodwill don’t hardly ever have clothes big enough to fit Earl.

Since he hurt his back, he ain’t been out at all.

That leaves me to pretty much do everything.

Most our spending goes to keeping him fed, of course.

There’s my Social Security and Earl Senior’s pension, but usually there’s too much month and not enough money.

Earl complains if it’s mac and cheese more than twice a week.

The boy always had an appetite, and it  seems to get bigger right along with him.

His uncle Bill made him that bed.

Made it out of rail ties.


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15 Replies to “Earl”

  1. I remember this guy from the Guinness Book of World Records. The fattest man in the world, weighed over 1000 pounds and buried in a piano case. Got ‘inside” the story. Good.

  2. Nicely written. Love the sparse, easy language, the convincing tone of your narrator. Love ‘more month than money’ – clever, clever, clever :). really nice snapshot into Earl and your narrator’s world 🙂


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