Conditional Remorse

I guess I wasn’t thinking. I never meant for it to go so far. I was just shook by the insult, I guess. If I’d cooled down some, I probably wouldn’t have done it, and that little girl wouldn’t be paralyzed.

It wasn’t like it would never have happened sooner or later. Butler was always lax on wheel safety. A good many of them bolts was stripped so’s you could turn ’em with your hands anyway. I just loosened up some of the others.

The truth is if they hadn’t fired me none of this would have had to happen.


Friday Fictioneers

10 thoughts on “Conditional Remorse

    • Yep, he was drinking on the job, got sent to the kiddie-boats, continued to drink and was fired, so a bit of sabotage, setting things up for Willet to ply his trade almost unnoticed…

  1. A shrewdly observed dissection of the act of revenge. The motive for sabotage was wounded pride, and the same pride allowed no genuine remorse; it was ‘their’ fault. Well written.

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