Conditional Remorse

I guess I wasn’t thinking. I never meant for it to go so far. I was just shook by the insult, I guess. If I’d cooled down some, I probably wouldn’t have done it, and that little girl wouldn’t be paralyzed.

It wasn’t like it would never have happened sooner or later. Butler was always lax on wheel safety. A good many of them bolts was stripped so’s you could turn ’em with your hands anyway. I just loosened up some of the others.

The truth is if they hadn’t fired me none of this would have had to happen.


Friday Fictioneers

Ray Is Fine

I guess you could say I’m between opportunities right now. Me and the foreman had a bit of a disagreement about my job performance. It got a little ugly. I didn’t go to jail or nothing, but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

Anyways, I’m kicking back at home for a spell. I’m not worried. I can do it all. MIG, TIG, SMAW,  brazing, even wrought iron if it comes to it. One or two calls and ol’ Ray’s back in the game.  I’m not in any hurry. Rent’s cheap enough, and I got another check coming.

Yep. Ray’s fine.


Friday Fictioneers

Oh I Geddarountuit

I swear, Randy, you are the laziest man I ever seen. You sit there on the hot porch and you won’t even bother to fan yourself.

Why I should fan myself, Mama, when I got this here cold beer you brung me? And thanks, by the way. If you happen past the kitchen, maybe get me another?

If I wasn’t sure you were my son I’d wonder where you got such a powerful ease.

Mama, one of us working so hard should please the Lord enough to smile.

Why don’t you at least fix up that fan like you promise?

Friday Fictioneers

Glasgow Sunrise

Pain. At first, just that. Pain. Blood in my mouth. Eyes gummy with it.

As it starts to get light,  my surroundings begin to clear. The train yard. I must have fell from that bridge above.

No, not fell. Dropped. I remember now. A little.

I can see my hand now, curled on the steel rail. It looks all right, but I can’t move it.

What else? My legs seem to be bending the wrong way. The right one looks like it has two knees.

My ear is pressed against the cold steel rail. I feel it start to thrum.


Friday Fictioneers

Up or Down


Thames Watermen are ten a penny, but one what don’t gossip about particular passengers is not so easy to find. That’s where I come in. Special service, discreet and reliable. Local knowledge. I know where the current’s swift, where it eddies, the best way to keep from being observed by those in high windows. I keep a spare black cloak handy, since a man in a hurry might forget such things. This service comes at a cost, mind you. Not your twopence fare at all––sixpence usually, and if you want speed it will cost you a shilling. Mum’s the word.





“You remember when they tore down the Shamu building?”

“Oh yeah. That one on Pender with the whales on it. I forgot all about that.”

“Remember when we broke in that time?  We hauled that fucking television up all those stairs and dropped it down the elevator shaft. Man, I will never forget how loud that fucker was when it hit! Pow!”


“You okay, buddy? You sound sad. I can go if you want.”

“No, stay. Please. It’s good that you came to visit me.”

“You need anything?”

“A new spine, maybe. To walk again would be nice.”


He’s Such a Quiet Boy

Sunday Photo Fiction Prompt.



You’re lucky he didn’t see you take it. What will you do when he sets it up and sees it missing?

Maybe he won’t notice.

You think he won’t notice? There’s only so many pieces. The game uses all of them.

You don’t know that. You can’t even play checkers.

Yeah, smarty? Well, if they didn’t need all the pieces why put them in the game in the first place?

Well, I was just saying you don’t know for sure.

He might kill you this time. He sees it missing, he’ll know for sure you’ve been in his things. He told you to never.

I know. I just can’t help it.

He’s got other things in there, you know.

You mean the gun.

Well, he’s a lot bigger than you are. That time he used his fists—

You don’t got to remind me.

He might think twice, you throw down on him.

“Throw Down?” Where you getting these words?

Oh, I know more than you think I do. I only tell you what you can understand.

Will you show me how to work the gun? If I take it?

I’ll show you anything you want. You just gotta promise me something first.