Button Men


“That’s just fucking great,” said White. His hands were tight on the wheel, jaw muscles rippling with repressed rage. “Sheep on the goddamned road.”

“It’s supposed to be a highway. The map must be  wrong,” said Black. He jabbed at it. “See for yourself.”

White closed his eyes, shaking with the effort  to control himself.  So much was riding on their timing. “The map is not wrong. The clock was not wrong.”

“Well,” said Black. “We all have our opinions.”

White’s annoyance eased after he began to plan how to get rid of Black’s body once this job was finished.


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6 thoughts on “Button Men

  1. It sounds like there will be more work for Inspector Johnson, she is in the area. The same flock of sheep held her up earlier. I do hope that White is not expecting Hutch to do his dirty work. Mike 😉

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