At Sea

Three days out of Kingston I got the word the skipper wanted to see me. I climbed the companion ladder and made my way to the bridge. The gale had picked up since I’d gone below, a wicked cross sea rolling the hull as she rose, but I hardly thought about it. I was more concerned with why I’d been summoned. I only hoped the skipper was sober.

Stepping into his cabin, my stomach filled with ice. Sitting in the Skipper’s chair was the boy.

“It would appear we have a stowaway,” said the Skipper. “He says he knows you.”


Friday Fictioneers

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17 Replies to “At Sea”

  1. This is a truly intriguing story with some lovely detail in that first para, a real feel for the sea. Great stuff. Do you know who the stowaway is and what they have to say?


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