All Is Not Forgiven

“You bought a Hitler Car? You can’t be serious.”

“You should feel the air conditioning. Like a movie theater.”

“Chryslers have air conditioning. Volvos.”

“The cars are terrible. Read your Consumer’s Reporting.”

“So it doesn’t matter with you that this company made machines that killed my entire family? This is nothing?”

“I knew you would be this way. Remember the Bayer aspirin? When we were courting?”

“That was different! They conducted medical experiments! They killed thousands for their science!”

“Yes, they did. I am not denying they did. But these are different people now.”

“I will never ride in it.”


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13 thoughts on “All Is Not Forgiven

    • I went to a special museum exhibit some years back that actually had items made of human skin on display. I nearly puked. It was so bad in so many ways.

    • I cannot believe I didn’t realize this during high school – but I’m pretty sure the history teacher didn’t want us to get sick either. I have always despised the Nazi’s. My parents hated them vehemently . This was an abomination of Biblical proportions! Your story is wonderfully informative! I am so very sorry for the Jewish people.Thank you! Nan

  1. Loved their arguing. Well constructed. I’ve never heard of people not buying German cars these days due to the Holocaust, although I could understand it. My husband’s uncle fought in New Guinea in WWII and never forgave the Japanese for their conduct. Years later, he was needing a corneal transplant and the first question he asked was whether it would be from a Japanese person and if so, he wouldn’t have it. I have never lived in that world and my upbringing in Australia was very carefree. However, my freedom also came at a very high price. It’s easy to forget that so many years on.
    xx Rowena

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